Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is Your Ghost Holy

This is one of those days where I had a lot I needed to do, and if I think about it, I know that I actually did get some things done, but I feel like I've spent more time spinning my wheels! So I'm diving right into my review in hopes that I can a few more things done today. (By the time I was completely done with this post, I had talked to Mom, Dad, and Jesse on the phone, checked on the muffins in the oven twice before taking them out, emailed Molly about buying a car, gave muffins to the kids to eat, and took a potty break! Like I said, just one of those days)

Is Your Ghost Holy by Shay Bills is a eye-opening look at real Holy Spirit filled life. Bills, an anointed woman of God, pulls no punches when speaking about the power of the Holy Spirit (Ghost in King James Bibles). Each short chapter reads like a fiery sermon designed to make readers squirm in their seats with conviction and raise their hands to the heavens with joy. I can always judge the impact of a book by how many quotes I find myself jotting into my journal from it. Bills feels deeply about the state of her readers' hearts, and it shows. "There are people assigned to you by God who cannot see Him because you refuse to die the death of the cross, which is the will of the Father, so that others might have aright to the Tree of Life." Bills' book will lead readers directly to that Tree.

There are only a few hours left to submit your entry for my book contest this week. I'm giving away a stack of books, including the one above, to the person who can guess closest to exact minute I was born on August, 28, 1973. Send me an email before 10 pm tonight to enter!

Today's picture is another one of my all favorites. It's me with my Grandma & Grandpa Trever.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the excellent review of Shay's book. I enjoyed it myself. I'm also running a giveaway on this book, so if your readers don't win a copy here, they can wander over to The Book Connection and enter to win one at

Thanks again for the great review.