Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to me, but the presents are for you

One of my favorite pictures, despite the unusual attire.

One of my all time favorite pictures. Dad had a stock car he was working on in the shed for the first ten years or so of my life. I loved to crawl inside and pretend that the checkered flag was waving for me! I even had a helmet that fit!

My kindergarten picture.

I'm not sure how old I was in this picture, and I can't remember the name of this cat. (Mom, help?) My Grandma Valley had made me the bathrobe for Christmas (Mia has it now), and my dad gave me a Stihl Chainsaw hat. I loved that hat so much, I wore to bed!

I was born on my great-grandfather Charles Valley's 86th (could be 85th or 87th) birthday, so we often celebrated together. I think this was my sixth birthday.

This is the first day of school going to second grade. Next to me is Poco, the best dog ever.

I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of my childhood with you in honor of my upcoming birthday on Friday. I am throwing a party of sorts, but you get the presents! I'm giving a copy of every book I review this week (at least five) to the person who can guess closest to the minute that I was born on August 28, 1973. To make your guess, send me an email before 10 pm on Thursday, August 27th. I'll announce the winner and correct time then. Good luck!