Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Is it possible for a house to produce laundry even when no one is in it? I'm beginning to come to that conclusion as the only explanation as to the amount of laundry waiting for me when we returned from camping on Sunday. Even factoring in washing all of the towels and blankets we brought along, I still feel like it multiplied in my absence! It doesn't help when on days like today I'm gone for seven hours so I can only get a couple of loads done before dark. Tomorrow is Mia's last day of swimming lessons, so hopefully I can start getting caught up for real on Friday.

Molly brought along her friend Sara camping, and the two girls seemed to spend as much time on their cellphones as they did in the water! Here's a few of the best pictures of them from the weekend.

Offworld by Robin Parrish is a mind-bending sci-fi thriller that simply begs for big screen treatment. A group of four astronauts: Chris, Trisha, Terry, and Owen have been on a mission to Mars for the past twenty-nine months. Two months before they are due to return home, they lose contact with NASA, and end up returning home blind, hoping that it is simply a problem with their equipment. They are shocked by what they find on the return home: the earth is empty, all humans and animals are gone and have been since that fateful day two months ago. Determining that their mission is not at an end, they set out to discover the cause of a mysterious light radiating from Houston and find that they may not be the only ones left alive after all. Hollywood, listen up! Transformers 2, we did not need; Offworld NEEDS to be made into a movie! Parrish writes so cinematically, every scene comes to life. The action rips across the pages, and the characters would make stars of the actors in the roles. Parrish keeps the suspense taut by giving more questions than answers and keeping the characters constantly on the run for their lives. The chase scenes are phenomenal, especially Trisha's leap with two jeeps across the sky into a skyscraper. On the screen, it's the kind of scene that would earn a cheer of awe from the crowd, on the page, it made my jaw drop and I wanted to share it with someone else. Parrish is a writer I will definitely be keeping my eye on in the future!