Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Love Finds You in Last Chance, California

July somehow became an incredibly busy month this summer! Sunday was Molly's birthday, and yesterday I had to drive up to Dunbar down to Green Bay and back. Tomorrow Doogie and I are going up to Superior so he can register at the college and take his math placement test on Thursday. I'm taking my laptop, so I won't be going through Internet withdrawal; that comes later. On Saturday, Howard is having a huge cook-out at his house that's also serving as a pseudo-family reunion.

Next week Mia starts swimming lessons, although I don't know what schedule she's on yet. I signed up for the afternoon lessons, and hopefully that's what we'll get. Jesse's parents are having a big party on the 18th. We're leaving on the 22nd for our annual camping trip up to Shaky Lakes. I'll be without Internet until we return on the 26th! Yikes!

I know we'll be making a lot of memories, but at the same time it's all a little overwhelming. I have to take it day by day and remember to rely on God for the strength to get through. The most important lesson He's been teaching me this summer is surrendering control over to Him and my husband. It's incredibly freeing and stressful all at the same time.

Love Finds You in Last Chance, California
by Miralee Ferrell is the fifth book in the Love Finds You series; however, each book is a stand-alone, so don't worry about missing anything if this is the first volume you pick up. Alex Travers is used to not living up to other people's expectations. As her father's sole child, she grew up working with horses and helping him run the family ranch, so it's only natural that after his sudden death she would take over as head of the ranch. Not everything may be as it appears however. Her father sent for Justin Phillips help because of suspicions about mysterious attacks and disappearances. Justin comes out of a sense of obligation as well as relief. After the recent death of his wife, he's taking care of their son Toby on his own. I truly enjoy Ferrell's writing, and this book exceeded my expectations of a western romance. Those are not typically a genre I read, but the romance between Alex and Justin was slow-moving and entirely natural. She's an unusually strong character for the genre, and it was a neat twist for the hero to have a child to care for. While the Christian themes came on a bit thick at the end, in the rest of the book they were handled with a less heavy hand. Several of the minor characters were developed well, as was the town of Last Chance itself. I wouldn't mind returning there again!

I'm excited about the trip tomorrow. The idea of having some time to myself is wonderful, but the drive is about six hours, and that's a long time for my achy body to ride. I'm hoping that Doogie and I can do some sight-seeing and enjoy our time together. Our last real opportunity before he leaves for school next month!