Monday, May 11, 2009

My eulogy

I could never speak at the funeral of a loved one, the tears would block my throat. Molly is so much braver than I, she sang beautifully today. Last night I couldn't read my Bible or anything else until I wrote a eulogy for Grandma, and while I didn't share it at the funeral, I'm sharing it with you today.

As Grandma Bunn was dying and in the days since her death, I have heard much about her from many people. Several nurses at Sharpe Care said she was their favorite. One said she would race other nurses to answer Grandma's call light, sometimes even after she was already punched out for the day. Another nurse spent a long time on his knees at Grandma's bedside before gently kissing her forehead. In emails from family, I heard how welcoming she always was, and how she never had a mean word to say about anyone. While going through Grandma's scrapbooks to put together the photo boards for the funeral, I found a letter from a young girl named Melissa thanking her for being the "best substitute grandma ever." As one of the many people Grandma adopted over the years as her own, I couldn't say it better myself.

Grandma didn't write a book or star in a movie. She didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize or become President of the United States. What she did was just what the Lord wanted her to do in the place He put her. She changed the life of everyone who knew her. Her zest for life and genuine love for people made us want to better ourselves. That is the legacy Dorothy Martin Bunn leaves to all of us - to love more, to live more, and to keep the faith, just as she did every day of her life.

Tomorrow I will be back to normal blogging and reviewing, and I'll be introducing a new contest.