Friday, May 22, 2009

Mama's Got a Fake I.D.

After missing my doctor's appointment on Wednesday, he called and bumped my prednisone dosage from 5 mg a day to 20 mg a day. By that evening, I was already feeling the effects of the drug. The pain was reduced, I had lots of energy, and my handwriting became messy. The handwriting thing happens because I lose some fine motor control. It doesn't affect a lot, just writing, fastening a necklace clasp, things like that. Whenever I get a boost from prednisone, I always tell Jesse that while I may gain some weight, at least the house will get clean! This time is a bit different though. While my pain level has been reduced, it's still not anywhere near normal. I consider normal to be a 4-5 on a pain scale of 1-10. I can live and still get things done at a 5, when it starts creeping up the scale I become less and less capable. Monday-Wednesday of this week were 8.-9. I couldn't help crying from it, so while today being at a 6 is a relief, it's not what I'm accustomed to from steriods. I am at least tackling some housework. Our bedroom is straightened, and I'm hoping Jesse will help me tackle the closet this weekend. I'll finish the living room and maybe bathroom by the time Jesse gets home from work.

Today's pictures come from Friday night. Jesse's parents took us out for supper for his birthday, which he shares with his mother. We left Molly to babysit Mia with lots of junk food and instructions as to her bedtime. Mia was asleep when we returned home, and everything seemed normal. The next day Molly asked me if I had looked at the pictures she posted on her Facebook profile. Apparently Mia wanted them to do a photo shoot, so Molly took a few (39!) pictures. These are my favorites. I love my girls!

Mama's Got a Fake I.D. by Caryn Dahlstrand-Rivadeneira is a compelling, if a bit controversial, look at the role of motherhood in today's Christian woman. Being a mom is hard work, and sometimes the church doesn't make it any easier with its expectations of being the perfect mom. Some women seem to be able to wear the role with ease and make it look good. This book is for the rest of us. When I was growing up, I had lots of dreams for my future, and only a few of them were about being a mother. Of course as soon as Doogie was born, my future was irrevocably and blessedly changed, but my dreams didn't just die. Caryn addresses just that frustration. How do we, as women of God, be great moms and still use the gifts that He has blessed us with? How do we juggle the two roles without shortchanging our children or ourselves? Sometimes it feels as though the church expects every woman to be completely content with her role as mother and wife with no other creative outlet, and any deviation from that is considered abnormal. But God blessed us with a variety of gifts to be used in and out of our home, and as long as we are following his leadership, it's all good. Caryn offers moms hope and encouragement to be all that God created them to be.

The winner of Hero was Linda Langer. Congrats to Linda! I'll be holding two contests next week, one to celebrate Doogie's graduation from high school!