Sunday, May 24, 2009

Along Came You

I didn't sleep much last night and woke up with my hips aching. Mia was bored from three days of no school (I'm getting worried about summer!). The day did not start off on the best foot. After the bumpy start, I rested up and Mia played on the Wii for awhile. The weather has finally warmed up enough for me to enjoy my glider on the front porch. I grabbed a blanket, a couple of pillows, a book, and a bottle of water, even leaving my phone inside. I sat and felt the sun and gentle breeze on my face. I love the sound of my windchimes and the smell of lilacs. It was a perfect moment and I revelled in the peace.

Until Mia realized that I was outside without her. The Wii was immediately turned off and she flew outside with her own blanket and book. She opened her book and chattered away without ever seeming to take a breath. I tried to explain to her the joy of the smells and sounds and quiet of nature. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and said, "Oh how I love this peace! Mommy, I really love sharing peace outside here with you. Isn't it nice and peaceful out here just the two of us enjoying the peace. From now on, if I see you out here having peace, I'm going to come out here and have peace with you whether you like it or not, because I love having peace with you. This peace is so nice Mommy!"

I had a choice; I could snap at her and kick her off of the porch making both of us miserable in my pursuit of peace. Or, I could have some "peace" with my little girl who will only want to spend time with me like this for a short time. So we read a book for Mia and Mommy's Book Blog and took some funny pictures. She laughed so hard that we both nearly cried. The book we read couldn't have been any more appropriate for the day.

Along Came You by Karona Drummond and Estelle Corke is a touching look at how a mother's life changes after she has a child. First, Mia's thoughts: The book was about Mommy and me and how much we love each other. I really liked at the end where the mom said that life was amazing after you [the little girl]. That was the sweetest thing! There was a funny picture in there where the mom had food in her mouth so she looked like a walrus *giggles*. This book made me feel a thousand times a million happy because it reminded me of our family and my family makes me happy! It made me laugh, and I love to laugh! Now my (Mom's) thoughts. This book about a mother's love thoroughly captured the fun and joy of being a mother in the subtle and not so subtle ways our lives change. Meals, travel, and even sleep will never be the same after a child is born. Corke's illustrations have just the right amount of whimsy and emotion. The language is simple, and the repetitive structure allowed Mia to try to guess what was coming next. It's a sweet book, perfect for expecting or new moms, or even for old timers like me!

There is no more peace and quiet here. Molly's on the computer, Mia's on the Wii, Jesse's listening to his audiobook in the kitchen, and I, of course, am blogging. That's what passes for normal around here. I'll have to sneak a moment of peace another time...when Mia can't catch me! :)