Saturday, April 11, 2009


A few highlights from the week. Doogie brought home his cap and gown for graduation which caused a few tears. We both admitted that we aren't ready. I'm just not ready for him to graduate. Last Saturday he turned 18, and while the day was easier than I expected, I seem to have acquired a permanent lump in my throat. Next weekend we're going to his college for a tour and the chance to get to meet some of the faculty. I think that's going to make it all very real to all of us.

Last night Mia and I watched Bolt, and we both laughed so hard we nearly hurt ourselves. Rhino the hamster steals the entire movie. Jesse watched it with her this morning, and he loved it too. This had become a must buy.

Good husband/bad wife. Jesse brought me a dozen red roses last night just to show he loved me. I searched around my entire side of the bed and ended up digging through a bag of garbage before finding my wedding ring!

Remembered by Tamera Alexander is the third book in the Fountain Creek Chronicles, but reading the previous two books isn't necessary to enjoy this romance. Veronique Girard and Jack Brennan have both been devastated by death. Veronique travels to Willow Springs to fulfill her mother's final request to find her longlost father who left Paris to find the family fortune as a miner in Colorado. Jack has given up a life as a wagon driver to become a freighter bringing supplies up the Rocky Mountains to the small isolated mining towns. He becomes her escort and help as she seeks her father in each town, but as they spend time together they come to discover feelings both thought gone. Alexander writes a sweet, safe historical romance. Jack is masculine but gentle man of faith. Veronique is a talented and beautiful if a bit spoiled and naive woman of faith. Alexander doesn't follow cliches by making them initially hate each other; the relationship grows naturally. There are a few messages of faith including not wasting gifts from God, being content with what you have, and depending upon a Heavenly, not earthly, father. It was an enjoyable read, if a bit bland. The plot is fairly straightforward and may not compel interest, and references to previous books may leave readers feeling out of the loop.

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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

It would be tough sending your son off to college--the beginning of another stage of life for you! I'll have to check out that movie "Bolt" if it's funny. I like funny ones! I discovered your blog here through Shelfari.