Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm Not Good Enough

Mia had her last dance class this morning. Next week I'll pick up her two costumes for the recital, and then we'll get her picture taken in one of them. The recital is April 5th, and I'm hoping that our friends and family will pack the auditorium. She loves her dance classes so much. I can't wait to post a picture of her in her costumes. I haven't seen the black and gold one yet, but in the blue one she looks like a fairy princess.

Molly got her hair cut and highlighted today. She needed a bit of a pick me up after a tough week at school. I think she looks fantastic. Next Saturday is Solo Ensemble, so she needs to look her best. I'll post pics of that this next week too.

It was a lazy day at the Lockstein household today. Other than dance class and a haircut, we didn't accomplish a whole lot. Sometimes I need a day like that just to recharge my batteries. It was a busy week with my Pastoral Care Conference on Thursday plus all of the other usual running.

We're supposed to get another 6"+ of snow tomorrow. This is already the fifth largest snowfall our area has seen (at least on the record books), and tomorrow's snowfall will probably bump us up to #3. At last there's no chance of us beating the record; we're currently at 78" for the year. The record is 143". Yikes!

I'm Not Good Enough
by Sharon Jaynes is subtitled And Other Lies Women Tell Themselves. It's a terrific way to silence the voices that women (I know I do) hear that tell them they aren't good enough, would be happier with a new husband, or are unloved. Those are lies I hear far too often in my own head, especially the I would be happy if... I've often thought that I would be happy if my rheumatoid arthritis went away, but Jaynes uses Scripture and anecdotes to show why all of those lies are untrue and separate us from God's truth. I read Nancy Leigh DeMoss' Lies that Women Believe several months ago, and while the two books are a bit similar, they address some different situations, and I learned a great deal from both books. DeMoss can be a bit condescending to her readers, but Jaynes is always full of love and compassion assuring readers that she's walked in their shoes and can relate without judgment. This would be a terrific book to do with a group or alone.

I absolutely adore thrift stores. Yesterday Molly and I hit our local store because they were having a bag sale. All of the clothing you can fit in a paper bag for $6.99. I bought 50 pieces of clothing for $21.00! Molly got nine pair of pants/shorts/skirts and seven shirts. I got lots of capris for the summer and the cutest pair of silk pajamas. I love shopping like that because there's no guilt about spending too much money!