Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I had an appointment with my rheumatologist today. I really do love him; he listens to what I say and always seems to care. Last month when I went in, I was doing so well. I was keeping up the housework, getting to work regularly and living life the way I want to, or at least close to it. But these last few weeks have been pretty miserable with my pain. If it wasn't so hard to schedule appointments, I would have canceled, but I know that it's probably best that I see him when I'm at my worst. Anyway, I'm starting Lyrica tonight, a new medicine that's supposed to help with the pain. I took it over a year ago, but apparently this is a higher dosage. He also referred me to a surgeon to look at my hands because of the pain I'm having in both thumbs. That scares me more than just a little. I prayed on the way home for God to put some peace in my heart about it, since there's nothing I can do other than worry, and I'm feeling a bit better.

Yesterday morning Jesse sent me a text message after he dropped Mia off at the bus stop: We have a beautiful child. Now Mia was completely bundled up in her snow pants, boots, bulky coat, plus scarf, gloves, and hat. I know he wasn't talking about her physical appearance, but her soul. I can't help but agree (and what parent doesn't!). My illness makes her think about things most five-year-olds don't need to. This weekend she asked me if people deserved to get sick. She asked me twice, the second time saying, "Does God make people sick because they are bad?" That's of course a heavy question, but especially loaded because she knows that I am sick. I explained in the simplest terms I could about how God made the world perfect, but when sin entered the world, so did sickness, and that God doesn't ever want any of us to suffer. I used the Lawrenson family as my example. We've been praying for Gwyneth and Tricia for almost a year, and Mia has watched Gwyneth grow from so tiny and fragile to the beautiful little girl (who will be a year old tomorrow!) she's become. Mia's faith has grown in leaps and bounds in the last year while praying for this family, and I think that she was able to understand that sickness is part of our fallen world, and that when Jesus returns, no one will ever suffer sickness or pain again. Mia does have a beautiful soul; I wish I could claim credit for even a part of it, but the glory for all of it belongs to God.

Wanted by Shelley Shepard Gray is the second book in the Sisters of the Heart series that began with Hidden. Katie Brenneman has committed herself to the Amish lifestyle of her parents, but before she became baptized, she ran a little wild during her rumspringa. That time has come to haunt her just when she's finally realizing her dream of a life with widower Jonathan Lundy and his daughters. Katie's struggle to redeem her past is a well told story. How many people do crazy things just to feel wanted by someone? Katie has to accept that just as God has always wanted her, just as she is, Jonathan and her family want to love her as well. Katie and Jonathan's romance is sweetly written, and I loved Katie's spunk. I did feel that the build-up over Katie's past was a bit much considering the small size of her actual sins. I expected something a bit more horrifying than what was finally revealed. Jonathan's story is also moving as he learns to move on from his past marriage to the hope of a future one. I look forward to the next book in the series about Jonathan's sister, Winnie.

I was going to also be reviewing A Perfect Match this week by Susan May Warren, but I didn't get the book until Monday, so I'll run my review of it next week! No picture today because Blogger is being obstinate. Grrr