Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Engaging Father Christmas

One of my book groups on Shelfari held a contest over three months to try and pare down each participant's to be read stack. At the end of the three months, the group admin gave a list of questions that needed to be answered using only words from those book titles. I read, I think, 128 books in those three months, so I had quite a few titles to choose from. I didn't win the contest for best entry years, but I did place in the top four. I think I did a pretty good job, so I thought I'd share it with you. Remember, every word, including every a, and, of, and the came from a book title. TBR stands for to be read and I am describing my tbr stack.

Queen of Story Land
2. What place from the list you've read from your TBR would you like your TBR to live: A Crazy Land of Bottomless Dreams
3. In what kind of home/structure would TBR reside: The Bedlam House Library.
4. How old is TBR: That's a Secret!
5. How much does TBR weigh: 5 Saturdays of Dawn to Midnight tales
6. What color hair does TBR now have: Silver and Gold
7. What color eyes does TBR have (the better to read all those lucious books, my dear): Passion Most Purple
8. If TBR has a pet, what is it: A mixed-up, muddy white wolf with big ears
9. What is TBR's musical preference: Guilty pleasures
10. What occupation would TBR likely pursue: singer, painter, president, billionaire!
11. TBR is preparing a Spa Brunch; what is the featured item on the menu: Christmas Candy Pie, Bon Appetit!
12. TBR's two favorite authors are: Lisa Samson, Laurie R. King
13. If TBR could combine the titles of 1 book each from the two favorite authors, what would the title of that book be: (Choose 2 favorite authors you've got on the list you've read from this challenge and combine one title from each of those 2 others for a made-up book): The Art of Goodbye
14. If TBR likes to dance and could make up a new dance (think Dancing With The Stars), what would that dance be called: The thrill and wonder of a waterwalk
15. TBR would banish this book (a book you read for this challenge) forever from his/her shelf: Generation Hex
16. If TBR could make everyone read one book (from the list you read for this challenge), it would be: The Glass of Time
17.TBR prefers to read at what kind of pace: From Dawn to Sunset on any given day
18. TBR is absoposilutely enchanted with: Heavenly Grace
19. TBR loathes with a passion that can barely be described: Forsaken, wounded bunions
20. When TBR catches a whiff of this, there's nothing good afoot: Geckos in Tutus
21. When TBR wants to kick back and relax, the air is heavy with this scent: Sweet basil candles 22. Where does TBR hide the odds and ends of its parts (books) that will no longer fit on the permanent shelf: streets, roads, and farms
23. TBR is writing an autobiography. What is its title: The Paper Rosetta Key to Life and the World According to Me
24. If TBR decided to take a trip, what mode of transportation would (s)he prefer: giant dragonfly
25. If TBR were to be described by someone who'd never seen it before, how would a stranger depict it: What in the name of God?
26. If TBR had a spouse, describe what that person would be like: A good man of particular circumstance
27. Describe TBR's perfect read: A jewel of a novel with engaging writing of tombs, bodies, passion and murder.
29. Other than read, what's TRB's favorite thing to do: save the world
30. What one book from the list you read for this challenge would TBR recommend and to whom (member's name) would (s)he recommend it: Novel Destinations to Ma, cause she seriously needs a vacation!

I ran this review a few months ago, but wanted to run it again today as we get closer to Christmas.

Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn is the follow-up to Finding Father Christmas. It's a short, engaging novella about finding your home and trusting God to lead you there. Miranda Carson is returning to England for Christmas again this year with the hope that her boyfriend Ian will be asking her a rather important question, one that will give her a home for life. Miranda will be celebrating her first real Christmas as a part of her biological father's family, but his wife is still distant making Miranda question where she really belongs. Gunn captures the spirit of Christmas and weaves it through this enjoyable tale. I don't think I've ever read a more romantic proposal! It's incredible the amount of story that Gunn packs into just a few pages. This is one story I'll be glad to come back to year after year.

Don't forget to sign up for my contest to win one of two copies of When the Soul Mends! Drop me an email today! Today's pic is after the choir concert Saturday night. I wanted to get all three kids dressed up, but Doogie and Molly had already changed out of their concert clothing, and none of them would even give me a decent smile. They were all a

bit goofy.