Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Tutu Ballet

Mia & Mommy's Book Blog is back today with one of our favorite authors!

The Tutu Ballet by Sally Lee is another feather in the author/illustrator's cap! Here's Mia's thoughts first: I really liked this book. It was about dancing and how each animal got to dance how they wanted to. My favorite character was Harriet the Hare because I think she looks like me, and she likes to twirl just like me. My favorite picture in the whole book was Harriet twirling with the flowers. I liked that Ms. Berry, the dance teacher, let each animal dance the way they wanted to, because I think it made the recital look pretty. Now Mommy's thoughts: I absolutely adore Sally Lee's books. Her artwork captures something essential about childhood. The colors are always charming, and the animals are sweet and not too perfect. Many of these pictures would be lovely hanging in a child's room (especially the one of Harriet twirling). In this book, Ms. Berry is preparing a dance recital for her students: Harriet the Hare, Belinda the bear, Mirabel the Mouse and Fillipo the Fox, but each student has a favorite dance step they love. Sweet illustrations show twirls, plies, jumps, and kicks. In the end, Ms. Berry choreographs her recital around each student's strength, making them each feel like the star of the show. Like Lee's other books, The Cake Thief and The Rabbit and the Snowman, this is destined to become a classic in our home.

Tomorrow I'm starting a new book contest you won't want to miss! See you then!


CherryBlossomMJ said...

Is that an Aristocat? I loved the Aristocats! *giggles* Sorry... great review.


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