Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Rook

We had a brief glimpse of Indian summer this weekend and Monday, but today fall is here. It's in the mid 40s outside, and the furnace is running inside. The colors outside are outstanding, something that could only be made by our magnificent Creator to show us his glory and his love. I'm reading a devotional called God's Prayer Book. It focuses on 60 or so Psalms, breaking them down into short themes, and then encouraging the reader to pray right at that very moment about that theme. I feel like my prayer life has been so enriched just in the first couple of nights that I've been reading it. Last night I found myself confessing to my own personal rebellions against God, my nation's turning from Him, and praising Him for the sheer wowness of creation. It was completely different that my standard prayers, and it felt good, deep down inside. I'm already looking forward to reading it again tonight.

The Rook by Steven James is the second book in the Patrick Bowers files. Take an FBI agent, Patrick, with the intelligence of Charlie Eppes from Numb3rs and the social miscues of Tempe Brennan of Bones (the TV series, not the books). Give him a beautiful partner, Lien-hua ala Michelle Yeoh and a Gothy-cute step-daughter named Tessa, and you have the makings of a bang-up book. Patrick and Tessa witness a mysterious suicide while on an arson case in San Diego, and they are quickly drawn into a wild ride involving a secret government weapon, sharks, and long enmities. Patrick specializes in a form of looking at crimes spatially that gives this series a little something different than the other forensics procedurals on the market. He and Tessa's relationship forms the heart of the book as they try to figure out where they stand with each other, but his relationship with Lien-hua is also mesmerizing. The chemistry between them begs for the silver screen. James writes the action scenes in a way that they are easily readable. I followed every punch and bullet, and believe me, James doesn't pull any punches when it comes to dealing with the bad guys. The final chapter guaranteed that I will return for the next book; consider me a new fan!

Today's pic is Doogie from Homecoming. It took me a little time to get the pics, since he wasn't here, but I wanted to share. Don't forget to drop me an email to win one of two copies of The Shape of Mercy!