Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Another Way

I am not home as you are reading this, and in fact, I'm probably not awake. I'm having some minor surgery this morning (I'm writing this Sunday afternoon to be posted Monday morning). I'm having an endometrial ablation at noon Monday, which basically means that my OB/GYN is burning away the lining on my uterus. I've been having some trouble with that area :) and the doctor is hopeful that this will fix it. It will also mean that Jesse and I are definitely done having kids. We're both okay with that. It was a decision that we'd come to a couple of years ago. With all of the medications that I'm on, and then with how my pain is, as much as I would love another baby, I just can't manage it. So Mia is for now and all time our baby.

Jesse took the day off of work to drive me down and back. I'm more than a bit nervous, but I know that in reality, it's a minor procedure, and I'll be fine. But I would definitely appreciate your prayers today, for all to go well, and for this to heal my body.

Home Another Way by Christa Parrish is part of an emerging trend in Christian fiction in creating characters who couldn't be farther from faith in God and then bringing them gradually to find the Lord, and at the end of the book while they haven't had a Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! moment, they are much closer to God than at the beginning. Sarah Graham's father's will stipulates that Sarah live in his home for six months up in the wilds of rural New York in order to claim her inheritance. She at first balks at this restriction, but soon gives in when she has nowhere else to go. Sarah is forced to become part of the community that came to embrace her father, who had served 17 years in prison for murdering her mother, leaving her without either parent and in the care of a legalistic, cold grandmother. Sarah is angry at her father, the world, and God; not necessarily in that order. She rebels by flaunting her body and drinking too much. This is not your standard Christian fiction character. But Parrish pulls away Sarah's layers one by one exposing her as a deeply wounded woman wanting nothing more than to be loved for who she is. This short novel packs a lot of punch with interesting characters, moving drama, and evolving faith.

Today's pic is of the final pose of the cheerleading routine Friday night. The squad worked until late every night last week getting it just right. It was amazing. In the middle, Mia yelled out, "My sister is AWESOME!" I agree, as are the rest of those girls. Definitely a moment when I was proud to be Molly's mom! Molly is second in from the right on the bottom.

I'm starting a new book contest today for a copy of Susan Meissner's The Shape of Mercy. It's a look at a diary of a woman tried as a witch during the Salem witch trials, and on how that diary effects the two women who read it. I'm giving away two copies, so if you want to win, drop me an email before 10pm on Thursday, October 16th. I'll announce the winners here on Friday, but my review will be up tomorrow. Good luck!