Friday, October 17, 2008

A Beautiful Fall

This was one of those weeks where I felt overscheduled and stressed to the max. Then today dawned. I went to work for a a couple hours this morning and then ran some errands. I'm volunteering in Mia's class from 11:30-12 every Friday, so I was sitting in the parking lot of the school waiting for 11:20 when my phone rang. It was the school. Mia's teacher was worried because Mia had an accident first thing in the morning and had made seven more trips to the bathroom by 11 am. So instead of working at the school, I picked her up and got an appointment with her pediatrician to be checked for a UTI. From there, the day headed downhill. It wasn't like there were any major dilemmas, just one of those days where every single little thing that could go wrong, did. Going to a store that was supposed to have a major sale on underwear, the store wasn't having the sale and denied ever having a sale like it (even though Jesse had called and asked them yesterday about it, and they confirmed it then). Then the things that I bought that were marked clearance, weren't actually the right price. Trying to get out of town, I chose the wrong lane at a stoplight; a car had stalled in the center lane about 20 feet back from the stoplight, but I couldn't see that until I was two cars behind it, and by then it was too late to get into another lane, and no one was willing to allow me in. It was a long ride home.

Jesse's day at work was similarly bad. I bought him some comfy shorts to wear when he got home along with comfort food for us for supper. Mia improved my mood considerable on the way home with her singing. I put in a CD of her favorite songs, which includes Soulja Boy. I tilted the rearview mirror so I could peek at her singing along. Watching her mouth skew from Oooo to Youuuu (the only words she knows, besides Superman and Super Soak) was hilarious. Pretty soon we were both singing along and giggling. When we got home, we all changed into pjs, and after a brief skirmish taking her medication, we're settled in for the night. I can't help but feel very blessed. Mia does have a UTI, but the medicine should be helping soon. Jesse has two days off of work. And I'm eating my favorite chips and dip (we call it dog puke, cause it looks just like it. It's really Hormel chili with cream cheese and chili powder), and life is good.

A Beautiful Fall by Chris Coppernoll is a sweet romantic story about finding that there really is no place like home. Emma Madison fled her small town home in Juneberry, South Carolina for the fast paced lifestyle of an attorney in Boston as soon as she was able, leaving her family and friends hurt and confused by her sudden departure. She's forced to return home when her father suffers a heart attack, and facing all that she left behind could change the way she looks at her life and future forever. I was a bit disappointed in this book. The dialogue is a bit clunky in spots, and the drama never quite builds the way Coppernoll intends. It's still an enjoyable, quick read with a great deal of love for the community that can only be found in a small town.

The winners of The Shape of Mercy were Christy Glover and Kristen Patenaude. Congratulations! I'll be starting a new book contest on Monday, so I hope that you come back then. Tomorrow I have a FIRST blog tour scheduled, so Mia & Mommy's book blog will be on Sunday instead, and we have a terrific book to do. I'm sure Mia will be feeling back to her old self then.
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