Friday, September 12, 2008

Gum, Geckos, and God

Mia comes out with the most amazing comments. We were watching America's Got Talent the other night. Mia's favorite act is four-year-old singer Kaitlyn Maher. Kaitlyn has a very sweet voice, and Mia thinks she's very cute. Wednesday night on the show, Kaitlyn sang the theme from "Beauty and the Beast," and when she finished, the judge Piers Morgan gave her some harsh criticism. It was painful to watch, because Kaitlyn didn't understand that he was insulting her. Mia was outraged for the poor little girl and said, "Mommy, I think he needs to be replaced. He needs to go work at Applebees." Where on earth she came up with that, I have no idea. But you hear that Piers? Mia thinks you need to get a job at Applebees, because you're no good as a judge!

Her appointment with the doctor went well yesterday. They did a blood test, which Mia was very brave through. Even when the nurse put the needle all the way through her vein and had to try again on the other arm, Mia didn't shed a tear. She had me whisper Bible verses in her ear throughout the procedure, and she only whimpered a couple of times. The doctor called back today, and her blood test was normal for inflammation. So I'm going to stop giving her the ibuprofen and we'll see if she has another flare-up. If she does, she'll be going back on the naproxen for 3-6 months. If not, we'll just treat with more ibuprofen as needed. However, I am supposed to sign her up for swimming lessons ASAP, because the water will be good for her knees.

Gum, Geckos, and God by James S. Spiegel is a sweet and often insightful look at the questions that kids ask about God and what those questions can teach us about our own faith. Spiegel has three young sons and a daughter who regularly pose tough questions. But Spiegel is better prepared to answer them than the rest of us; he's a philosophy professor at Taylor University in Indiana. As a philosopher, he delves deeply into each of his children's questions, looking at their motivations and the answers that can be found in Scripture. Spiegel never goes overly philosophical. It's a perfect mix of children's innocence and profound faith. It was a thoroughly enjoyable book, one that parents will especially enjoy.

The winners of copies of Saturdays with Stella were Belinda Lane and Jill Lust. Congratulations! I should (keep your fingers crossed) be kicking off a new contest next Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!