Saturday, August 09, 2008

Finding Stefanie

While you are reading this, I am actually 100 miles north of home in Wallace, Michigan camping at Shakey Lakes Campground. We go every year with my mom, stepdad, and little brother Jake. This year my stepbrother Jeremy and his wife Crissy are along. No air conditioning, no electricity, no phone service. But I will be having the time of my life. It's the vacation we all wait for and save up for all year long. Mom and I make the money for it by selling on eBay so it's not too much of a financial burden. I think we all need the vacation this year. Mom's been frustrated at work. Jeff has been working 60-70 hour work weeks. Jesse needs some time away from everything before he restarts college in a few weeks. Molly's been running steady almost all summer, and on Monday has cheerleading practice from 9-3 every day. We all know that this is probably the last summer that Doogie will be able to go.

Finding Stefanie by Susan May Warren is the final book in the Noble Legacy series. Stefanie Noble has sacrificed most of her life for the family ranch, The Silver Buckle. Both of her brothers abandoned the ranch and ran off to deal with hurricanes in their lives, leaving Stef to take care of everything on her own, which meant giving up her dreams of caring for children and horses who needed love and healing. But now her brothers have returned and reclaimed their place at The Buckle, and Stef is left wondering where she fits in. Lincoln Cash, a famous movie star with a recent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, has headed to Montana to try and recover from his illness and try and figure out what's next in his life. Into these two mixed up lives fall three children, hungry and homeless and in desperate need of love. Warren has quickly become one of my favorite Christian authors because of her consistency in writing great books as well as her ability to capture real heartache and put it on the page. Stef's dreams have been shoved down for so long, she doesn't know where to start rebuilding them. Linc has been able to create his dreams for so long that when they shatter, he's lost. Warren shows God's love working on and through people in a creative and exciting way. I'll miss reading about the Noble family.

We'll be back on the 10th, and I'll have lots of pictures to post then.