Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beach Dreams

Angela Hunt posted on her blog about a website that provides a Bible verse for each day of the year giving you a birthverse. I checked it out when she posted it a week or so ago, and the verse for my birthday, August 28th, is one I've long found comfort in. (Not all of the verses are as inspiring. Molly's for July 5th is Genesis 7:5 And Noah did all that God commanded him.) Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. I didn't give too much more thought to it until I encountered the verse later that day in my nightly Bible reading. It popped up a few days later in one of my devotionals, and then again the next day. In fact, it seemed like wherever I turned, I kept running into Romans 8:28.

Last night I was pouring out my heart in my prayer journal and asking God for some help in surrendering control to him. There are so many things that I've seen major changes in my attitude since my giving my life to him: more compassion, less judgment, more generous. But the one thing I can't seem to let go of is control. So as I was writing last night and apologizing for my constant interfering and worry, I asked him to remind me that I can trust him to be in charge. And I heard a soft voice (Margaret Feinberg would call it the sacred echo) in my heart saying Romans 8:28. I know in my head that God works everything to good according to his purpose, but it's hard to know with my heart. But when my Lord himself whispers that to my heart, there's no denying it.

Beach Dreams by Trish Perry is a combination of two series. It's the third book in the Beach series by Sally Johns, and it's also the third book in the series by Perry about a group of friends from Northern Virginia. Tiffany LeBeouf is recovering from the devastating death of her mother from breast cancer by returning to her home and trying to pick up the pieces of her life. But she comes back to find that her job no longer exists and the super-cute guy, Jeremy, she just met is already taken. So Tiff, who is just learning to lean on her faith, heads to a beach house in California to mourn and recover with her father. But there's been a mix-up with reservations at the beach house, and she has to share with none other than Jeremy's perfect girlfriend who reminds Tiff a bit too much of what she was like before she found faith in God. Perry writes with a great deal of humor, and the way she renders scenes, like a day out at the amusement park, is a true pleasure. This is a perfect book for curling up on the beach and soaking up the warmth of the summer sun and God's love.

To win a bag of beachy stuff that's related to Beach Dreams, go here and sign up for their contest!

Today's pic is just one of my favorites from our camping trip. It's my stepbro Jeremy and sis-in-law Krissy. Don't forget that my contest for one of two sets of three hardcover children's picture books is open until Thursday night. Just drop me an email to enter!


Trish Perry said...

Christy, thanks so much for mentioning Beach Dreams on your blog! I appreciate the support and exposure.

I'm an obsessive reader, too!