Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Sacred Echo

Every night when Mia is lying down and getting ready to fall asleep, she comes up with the most amazing, crazy questions. Some of them are easy for me to answer: why did humans invent shoes? or why did you and Daddy decide to get married? Others stump me: what if someone eats the apple again on the third earth (she calls the world that God created before the fall the first earth, the second is the one we currently live in, and the third is the one that Jesus will bring after the tribulation)? and last night's: why did Satan decide not to love God and instead fight against him? Even the easy questions make me think about just how to answer, but the hard ones leave me speechless. I sometimes end up extending bedtime quite a bit in order to satisfy not only the initial query but all of those that come after it. It makes me wonder what she's thinking. What kind of thoughts run through her mind that bring her to those questions? Maybe she'll grow up to be a philosopher.

The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg is a lovely devotional about listening for God to speak to you. Feinberg exposes some of her deepest and most painful conversations with God to show the reader how to learn to hear God and understand him. She encourages daily reading and rereading of the Bible to learn to discern God's words from our own. It's a fascinating, insightful read with a powerful but quiet message. God does still speak today, and he longs to speak to our hearts, but we need to learn his language and then listen for the sacred echo. Feinberg uses the story of Elijah who didn't find God in a raging fire, powerful earthquake or fierce wind, but in the quiet voice that spoke to him the words he needed to hear. This is the perfect book to settle in with at the end of a long busy day. It helped to center my mind and soul on the Lord.

Don't forget to drop me an email before midnight Friday for the chance to win a copy of William P. Young's The Shack. The interview today was lovely; I can't wait to post the transcript for you on Saturday.