Monday, May 26, 2008


I can't believe the difference in my every day life that the hip injection has made. Today I took all three kids to the parade, and then we went to Mom's for a cookout. I came home a little early because I was getting tired, but normally that amount of activity would have me wiped out. But I feel pretty good physically, and even better mentally because, for one, we were able to do normal family things without being impacted by my illness. It was a great weekend. I'm glad that it's over, and Jesse will be home in a few hours. He can check out my major farmer tan!

Skid by Rene Gutteridge is the third, and so far best, book in the Occupational Hazard series. Hank Hazard, who was raised in a family of clowns has been trying to find his place in the career world. In the previous book, he worked as a mechanic in a garage, but now he's discovered a love of flying and seeks a position at a faltering airline. His job: be an annoying, needy customer on a flight to Amsterdam and observe the behavior of the crew. But this flight is going to be like no other with a companion pot-bellied pig, a prisoner, a cranky flight attendant, a deceased passenger, and many other quirky characters that will all be shaken by a hijacker determined to make one of his plans work, even after multiple failures. Gutteridge excels at writing great Christian stories with just a touch of farce. Hank is a real charmer who even when he's trying to be annoying can't help but be polite and gracious. Hank's faith and attitude endears him to the whole crew who come to rely on him in many emergency and sticky situations. The book is funny with a terrific message about how one person acting out their faith can effect others. Hank is unafraid to share God's love with his seatmates, but never in a way that is preachy. You don't need to have read the other books in the series to enjoy every moment of Hank's journey.

I'm giving away two copies of this book this week. If you would like the chance to win one, drop me at email at before midnight on Thursday. I'll announce the winner here on Friday. Good luck!


Dawn said...

I loved this book! My favorite of this series. I actually loved it as much as the Boo series.