Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Sister's Test

I love getting magazines in the mail. On Friday, I get TIME, Saturday brings Entertainment Weekly, and Monday I get TV Guide. I sometimes wonder how much the postman can tell about my family based on the magazines that arrive monthly and weekly in our box. What would you make of this stock?
Me: TIME, EW, TV Guide, Birds & Blooms, Country Life
Jesse: Esquire, Business Week, Astronomy
Doogie, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Games for Windows
Molly: 17, CosmoGirl, TeenVogue, Twist, J-14, plus a few more of the same variety
Mia: Nick Jr
I also subscribe to both weekly local newspapers, and I get the larger daily paper on the weekends. So if you were my mailman, I think you'd know an enormous amount about the ages and interests of my children. Someday I'm going to write a book about a mailwoman who does just that sort of speculation living through other people's mail rather than her own life.

A Sister's Test by Wanda Brunstetter is the second book in the Sisters of Holmes County series. Ruth Hostettler, the younger sister of Grace from A Sister's Secret, the first book, has recently broken up with troubled Luke and seeks the kind of loving marriage that Grace has found with Cleon. When Martin Gingerich starts courting her, they both feel the need to marry immediately, as though something is warning them. The attacks on the Hostettler family farm have continued and ratcheted up in intensity. Someone has it out for this Amish family, and they aren't afraid to take extreme measures. Is it Grace's English ex-boyfriend or Luke, Ruth's ex-boyfriend who is still going through rumspringa? I don't normally read the many Amish Christian fiction books on the market, but this series truly stands out from the rest. There is suspense and mystery along with deep faith and family. It's a real page turner that's impossible to put down. Each member of the family has their own way of dealing with the siege of terror, from the father's quiet acceptance, to youngest sister Martha's detective work. Every character pops off of the page and breathes life into the story. I don't know how I'm going to hold out until July to read the final book in the series, A Sister's Hope, to find out who the attacker is!

Brett Favre retired today from the Green Bay Packers. A fan from Florida was interviewed on the news this morning and said that she was surprised that all the flags in town weren't at half mast. I know the feeling!