Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Dead Whisper On

As of today I am officially off of prednisone! I feel free and almost giddy. Yesterday, my birthday, was another horrible day. I spent my birthday in bed on pain meds. I've noticed during the weaning process that I wake up every morning in a great deal of pain, so it's hard to get going. This morning it woke me up at five so I took something for it, and something else when it woke me up again at 6:30. When Mia woke me up at eight, I felt pretty good, and while I'm not pain-free, I'm doing really well. We ran errands this morning and had a wonderful time listening to a CD of her favorite music (I Like to Move It, Move It; We are the Champions, Manic Monday, Mercedes Benz, etc). She informed me that she wants to be a mom, a teacher, an animal doctor, a nurse and a bus driver when she grows up. She talks a mile a minute and never stops; sometimes I don't even notice it until someone in the store gives me a smile or laughs at her non-stop chatter. I feel extra blessed today. School is starting soon and with it, I'm going to be working more at the hospital; I can't wait! More days like today, that's my prayer: more days like today.

The Dead Whisper On by T.L. Hines is the story of Canada McHugh as she searches for who she really is and falls prey to dark forces. Canada, a garbage collector in Butte Montana, hears the voice of her late father in shadows. At first she thinks that she's losing her mind, but because she's lost everything of value to her, she starts listening. Her father encourages her to join a group of people fighting evil in the world. She jumps into a strange world of black vehicles and airplanes where she swoops in after accidents or disasters and provides information to the press to help inform the world of the dangers of meth labs and serial killers. But Canada is being stalked by an unstoppable being named Keros who hunts her as she flees across the country. Canada is that rare character who is fully developed with natural quirks and complicated history. Not only is she sympathetic, but she grows as a person throughout the story. She breaks out of the shell her father's death forced her into and finds abilities that she didn't know she had. Hines is a Christian writer without ever proselytizing or creating unbelievable coincidences. The twists and turns in the story make it impossible to turn down, and it has an excellent message that I can't share without giving it all away. Waking Lazarus, Hines' first novel, was terrific, and this is even better. This is a writer to watch!

There was a terrific article in the Green Bay Press Gazette by writer Walter E. Williams about the effect on the humans the environmentalists are having. These are facts you don't hear about the news; check it out!