Friday, August 10, 2007

And If I Die

Not too much to say today. I spent yesterday in bed still recovering from Tuesday's shopping trip. I have to plan my life only one day at a time. If I do a lot on one day, the next day will be spent recuperating. I still get frustrated with my weakness, I always prided myself on my strength. Jesse says it was my strength and independence that made him fall in love with me. This illness saps away those things. How can I be strong in my weakness? I know that God is strong for me, but how can I show strength? One blessing that comes from my sick days is that I get a lot of reading done. Between Tuesday night and today I finished five books, small caveat: two of them were graphic novels. In books I can find an escape from the pain and frustration. I think we're going to stick close to home this weekend, other than grocery shopping and church. I'm looking forward to sitting outside, feeling the sun on my face and listening to the sounds of my children laughing. We also have to find a dryer this weekend. Ours crapped out on us a week ago, and I'm tired of clothing so stiff off of the line it practically walks itself in the door.

And If I Die by John Aubrey Anderson is the third book in The Black and White Chronicles. Missy, Mose, Bill, Pat and the rest of the gang are back to do more battles with the demons of Cat Lake. We're now up to 1968, and Bill is getting finished with college. He's taken up bull-riding with his friend Will Pierce. Pat hires two new interns Griff and Supe. The Bainbridges are still in pursuit of their sons' killers, and Estelle has hired an assassin to track down Mose and Bill. I really enjoyed finally getting some back story on Mose. His life as a child is fascinating, as are his encounters with demons before Missy is even born. Bill is blossoming as a character, and I think that he will really shine in upcoming books. This book introduces a hoard of new characters, but I didn't feel it was as strong as the first two in the series. Abiding Darkness was phenomenal, and Wedgewood Grey was terrific. This book carries on the story and gives the Gospel well, but so many new characters were introduced, some of the regulars didn't feel as deep as they usually do. This book closes some chapters and opens the door wide for some new stories to be told while continuing the saga of Cat Lake. I look forward to the next book.

The pic today is of Booboo the bear from DeYoung family zoo eating cookies.