Monday, June 18, 2007

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling

Today is the first day in my blog tour for Gone With the Groom by Janice Thompson. Below you'll find a plot teaser. Tomorrow I'll post an interview with Janice, and on Wednesday I'll post my review of the book. You can sign up all week for my contest to win a copy of the book, all you need to do is leave a comment explaining how you and your SO got "your" song. Here's what I'm looking for: Jesse and my song is In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. We've had a few songs over the course of our relationship. Only Time by Enya was our grand march and By Your Side by Sade was the first song we danced to at our wedding. We loved both of those songs, but for the last song at our wedding reception, the DJs played In Your Eyes. It was perfect for us. Jesse's nickname for me has always been Luv, and the song is about the hard parts of love, passed the in love phase. It's about when everything else in my life is awful, you are the one thing that makes it sane. I still tear up when I hear it on the radio, and we've been known to slowdance in the kitchen when it's on.

So write up your own story, and have the chance to win your own copy of this book!

Thompson’s Bridal Mayhem Mystery Series Continues
(Nashville, Tenn.) — It’s all over the news. Three company executives of the maker of the powerful painkiller Oxy- Contin pled guilty to misleading the public about the drug's risk of addiction, according to a federal prosecutor as well as a company representative. Was Janice A. Thompson listening from a closet when she penned Gone with the Groom?
The conflict of a big drug company deception is just one of the riveting themes interwoven
through this novel — and could be why the groom is missing. The best laid plans of brides and men go awry when Annie Peterson’s future son-inlaw Scott disappears. Have pre-wedding jitters caused Brandi’s fiancĂ© to take flight, or are more sinister forces at work? Annie puts her super-sleuth powers to work, feverishly racing against the wedding day clock to find her daughter’s missing fiancĂ©. Has Scott been silenced by the big pharmaceutical company for which he works? Perhaps his disappearance is the handiwork of Otis, Scott’s sneaky dad. But then again it could be the shady wedding photographer or even a sideshow of the political campaign
of Scott’s mother.
Will Annie solve the mystery and recover the missing groom in time for the couple to say their wedding vows? Find out in Gone with the Groom.
Author Janice A. Thompson lives in the Houston area. In 2004, her two oldest daughters both received proposals within weeks of each other. The weddings came off without a hitch! Janice has since coordinated weddings for friends and is thrilled to incorporate many of her adventures into her novels.

Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Rolling by Neta Jackson is sixth book in this series, and Jackson continues to write a powerful novel. Jodi Baxter is back with her clan and the rest of the Yada Yada Prayer Group. The group faces new challenges including HIV, jail, fire, and roller-skating, some with more grace than others. I think one of the powerful themes of this series is that we only grow when we are stretched, and God regularly stretches us beyond what we think we can bear. Jodi is learning this lesson well and leaning on her friends and the Lord. She still struggles with control issues and fear, but there is real character growth there. Major changes are in store for the next book coming out later this year. I look forward to it.
Today's pic is of Mia, of course. She's getting to see her cousin Hana this weekend, and she's very excited. She's been counting down the days for over a week.