Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gone With the Groom

Today I tried to embark upon a new adventure. Molly went to a salon in Green Bay this weekend and got the most adorable haircut. I've always been more of a CostCutters kind of gal myself, but I've been frustrated with my hair for some time. I normally have naturally curly hair, emphasis on the CURL. But being on prednisone for so long, my hair has straightened out and become very fine. With my curls, I couldn't get a brush through my hair, now my hair is almost baby soft. It also started falling out in spots. Thank God, as I'm weaning off of the steriods, it's coming back and getting a little thicker, but it's very frizzy, and I'm in desparate need of a coloring touch-up. After seeing how wonderful Molly looks, I called the salon and made an appointment for the works today. I've never been in an upscale place like this, and I can't for the life of me understand why they hide the front desk around a corner (it's not exactly in the front is it?) so that a newcomer feels like an idiot looking for directions and walking slowly in circles. Unfortunately, my stylist threw out her back and they needed to reschedule. The good news: I'm getting a 25% discount for my trouble. I'm going back tomorrow, and if the results are good, I'll post a photo. If they aren't so good, I'll never mention it again. :)

Gone With the Groom by Janice Thompson is the new book in the Bridal Mayhem series. Annie Peterson is in the countdown of the final two weeks until her daughter's wedding, when the groom-to-be disappears. Is this a prank by his groomsmen, related to the mysterious goings-on at the pharmaceutical company where he works, a plan by his mother's political rivals, or does his recently discovered father have something to do with it? Annie is an extremely engaging character with her openness and optimism. Her love for her daughters and God shines through with every page (as does Thompson's for her own daughters). The plot zips along, and Annie shares most of the clues with the reader, just enough are held back to keep the reader guessing. So many subplots are included, but Thompson juggles them with ease, and it promises that sequels are in the works. Annie's emphasis on turning to God before jumping to conclusions or making major decisions is a nice alternative to many other Christian cozy mysteries on the market. This series starring Agatha Annie is sure to please!

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