Saturday, March 03, 2007

James Cameron & Jesus' Tomb

Sometimes news stories get so much press, that the truth of the story is lost. James Cameron and the Discovery Channel are getting lots of screen time over the supposed discovery of Jesus' tomb, and don't forget the bones of his wife and child are also inside. No, I can't prove it's not. I don't have evidence or DNA from Jesus to prove their claims as false. It's true that Christianity is 100% about faith, either you have it or you don't. But Cameron is leaving out the truth in his tale, so the audience is only getting half of the story. The DaVinci Code confused a lot of Christians, because they are unfamiliar with the Bible. So I'm begging, please do not go out and buy Cameron's book just to find out what he has to say, don't watch the documentary, and don't give him any more credibility than he deserves. Remember that he is a director from Hollywood where disception is the norm. Read this story and see how much hot air he's truly full of. He's already getting more than enough publicity from this, as Christians, let's just ignore him and hope that he goes back to the near anonymity he's enjoyed for the last several years.

In more amusing news, Switzerland accidentally invaded Liechtenstein last night. Yes, that story is true, and about as newsworthy as Cameron's find.