Friday, December 15, 2006


The title today doesn't just apply to the review, but also to the way I'm feeling about Christmas this year. It seems like more of a struggle this year than in the past. I keep giving the burden of my problems up to the Lord, but just as quickly, I keep snatching them back to worry over them again. I know that if I continue putting my troubles up on the altar, eventually I will be able to leave them there for Him to deal with.

HT to Angela Hunt for this hilarious website. Check out Mia as an elf, and then make one for yourself. Good Morning America featured this site on their program, so it might be a little busy, but give it time, it's definitely worth it!

Bankrupt by David Limbaugh is another excellent book about the political climate in our nation by an author who is thoughtful and intelligent. If you only read one political book this year, make it this one. Limbaugh accurately assesses the ups and downs of 2006 in an analytical and smart way. He writes with flair and a wide vocabulary. One of the reasons I so enjoy reading his books is that he refuses to engage in the name-calling or bigotry that shames many other conservative writers. Limbaugh may not make good television like Ann Coulter does, but he also gives liberals far less to argue with. He lambasts them using their own words, and I'm sure after reading the book, many are ready to eat them. The only small flaw in the book is Limbaugh's optimistic attitude about the (at the time of writing) upcoming November elections. Republicans were not able to keep control the way he predicted. Bankrupt shows the Democratic Party the way it truly is: lacking morals and backbone. The behavior they support and applaud in each other, they attack in conservatives. They switch sides and opinions depending up on how the wind blows. This book should be a wake-up call to both the Democrats and the American people.

I'm currently reading Generation NeXt Parenting by Tricia Goyer, and it has to be one of the most interesting and insightful parenting books I've ever read. She addresses issues most books don't touch upon and does so in a way that makes me nod my head in agreement and smile at her touches of humor.