Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Had the Strangest Dream & Sisterchicks in Gondolas

I love the ability people have to surprise us. Last night I couldn't get to sleep, so this morning Molly got up with Mia and took care of her so I could try and get caught up on sleep. I heard the door open a few times, but couldn't quite rouse myself enough to care. When I did wake up, I found a glass of orange juice and pancakes (cold, but still tasty) on a tray near the bed. Molly had also straightened the living room and taken pretty good care of Mia. All this while she's under a grounding and could instead be sullen and rebellious. She gives me hope.

The job orientation went very well yesterday; the benefits are amazing, and I'm excited about working with so much independence in a place where I can really help people. Jesse's still waiting to hear back on his interview, so keep him in your prayers.

I Had the Strangest Dream Last Night by Kelly Sullivan Walden is a fun read with lots of very current references. While I don’t agree with Walden’s Goddess worship, I enjoyed reading about the eight different types of dreams that she identifies. She makes a lot of sense, and I can see the value in understanding each type. Truly the best part about the book are the definitions. Walden uses traditional symbols like bridges and water, but mixes in current trends that are likely to make their way into our subconscious like BlackBerries, iPods, boob jobs, and It is the dream dictionary for the 21st century, just as the title claims. My daughter and I had a blast looking through the entries and reading some of the funnier items, but it also helped her figure out a recurring dream that plagued her a few years ago. This book has earned a permanent place next to my bed.

Sisterchicks in Gondolas by Robin Jones Gunn is another entry in the Sisterchicks series. In this book, Jenna and Sue head to Venice to cook for missionaries on retreat. The sisters-in-law fall in love with the city and find their new purposes in life. I really enjoy reading this series because the women are all people I would really love to know. Gunn does a great job of portraying women truly with flaws and strengths and depth. Her descriptions of Venice bring the city to life, sight, sound, and smell. A perfect read for trips or the beach.

I'm currently reading The Weather Makers about global climate change. I'm really hoping that it will educate me about what's going on to the global climate without the partisanship of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth. Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Christy, I somehow got your e-mail address incorrect. Can you send it to me again?

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Hey Christy--could you please email me? I'm trying to send you a book to review for the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and the USPS site doesn't think your address exists--just want to make sure I've got everything right. Thanks!