Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Over the Waters

We've had such beautiful weather here the last few days. Lots of cool breezes and just the right amount of sun. It makes me grateful again that we live in Wisconsin. There is so much to be grateful for in life, and sometimes it's too easy to get caught up in the small stuff and forget about the wonderful big stuff. We may worry about money, but we always have food to eat. Our house may never be featured in a magazine, but it's a roof over our head with a soft bed and pillows to sleep on. Our electricity is regular; we don't have to wonder when or if it's going to go off. My children are healthy, and when they aren't, I can take them to a doctor without giving it another thought. I can write my thoughts online about our country and president and my faith without worrying that someone is going to break into my house in the middle of the night and punish me and my family for my words.

Over the Waters by Deborah Raney is the story of Dr. Max Jordan and Valerie Austin as they each struggle to find their way while working at an orphanage in Haiti. Much of the story is a romance, but Raney handles it in a way so that the couple's relationship is really secondary to the rest of the plot and characters. Dr. Jordan's son, Joshua, died in Haiti a year ago while working at an orphanage, so Max travels in his son's footsteps trying to find the same peace Joshua had found. Valerie is recovering from a broken engagement and uses the opportunity to focus on someone other than herself. Max's change of heart comes about rather abruptly, and the backstory of the Greene's seems a bit stretched, but overall the plot flows well and is enjoyable to read. It's an ok book. Don't rush out and buy it, but if you find it on the library shelf, bring it home for a good read.

Just an update on the auction from Saturday. Apparently after I left, the auction moved indoors, and a woman ended up arguing with the owner/dealer of the store when he started bidding against her to up prices. I almost wish I had stuck around to see what other fireworks flew. Today is a day full of errands, so I'm off!